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micro - accommodations in the Sardinian hillside


project with paola bokobsa

summer 2021

Inspired by the traditional Sardinian architecture, the project aims to connect the museum with the Orani village, with multiple open areas and circulation creating unique views from the hillside. 

The material palette is a playful combination of the ecological and orthogonal rammed earth, and the stark terracotta clay finish, creating a contrast between the thickness of one and the light malleable aspect of the other. 

Interiors are built following the vernacular material choices, integrating furniture into the walls and maximizing the space’s capacity. Framed views from the interiors can be experienced at different scales, allowing for panoramic views of the village. 

Pathway Exterior.1.jpg
0728 digimodel.jpg
Upper Interior New PB.jpg
nivola sketch 4.jpg
nvola sketch 1.jpg

Massings work as individual houses, each having a separate kitchen from the living area. This deconstruction of spaces allows for constant movement from indoor to outdoor quarters. Thus, forming a network of different levels, extending the boundaries of privacy and redefining the living space as a connecting knot of explorations. 

0731 Lower Plan.1_for website_invert-01.jpg
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