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university of wisconsin - milwaukee

fall 2015

The viewfinder was a semester-long project that was developed through experimentation into light, air, structure, space, and material.

The supercube further experimented with negative space and the lightness of the air cube. The interior spheres created both spaces inside and outside and acted as a means to move through the super cube. 


Viewfinder, a domestic cube, took the concepts developed throughout the semester and applied them to a home for an astrologist and meteorologist.


This domestic cube was placed into a hypothetical valley which included 14 other student projects. The mid-eighteenth-century picturesque landscape design theory greatly influenced the final design of the building. Creating viewsheds to each of my peer’s projects through the placement of fenestration allowed the occupants a unique view of the sky to study. These viewsheds influenced the circulation of the building, creating the pyramidal forms of the interior space. 

Boughton_Brook_Project 2_0_Axon.1.jpg
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